It was in August, when the summer vacation almost came to an end, my sister and I booked tickets to Zakynthos before college began.

The idea to visit this island came from my sister. She loves Korean drama and after watching Descendants Of The Sun, she was curious about Zakynthos which was shown in the drama and so we decided to stay for a week on this beautiful island.






lookbook-cover-15hello-zakynthos-6Hello Zakynthos 7.jpghello-zakynthos-9

Some of my favorite moments are taking the bus to The Banana Beach, taking a boat to see around the island and swimming in the cleanest sea I have ever seen! If you ever consider traveling on this island, please read below for what I’d recommend most:

The Banana Beach: A perfect quiet beach to do watersports, to relax in the sun or take a drink at the bar.

Shipwreck & The Blue Caves: For an amazing view and water you won’t forget!

Turtle Island: If you have luck, you can go diving and spotting turtles.

For me, it was a wonderful island to explore and I haven’t yet discovered every place at all. But for sure Zakynthos is really worth to go at least once and I had a great time there.








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